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2006 Volvo S60


Volvo S60

Service Date
Services Performed
  • TECHNICIAN – Test drove vehicle, inspected operation & found the gauge goes into vacuum on start up. Goes to 18 – 20 inches of vacuum at idle. – Scanned computer control modules & found no codes stored at this time. – Inspected & found the gauge goes to 15 psi in boost while accelerating and back into vacuum when off the gas pedal. Verified this is normal with ipd technical hot line. – Determined we fixed a minor vacuum leak last time vehicle was in. Gauge is now reading as designed. A minor vacuum leak will cause the gauge to read zero at idle. Vehicle and boost gauge are now operating as designed.
  • TECHNICIAN – Test drove vehicle, inspected operation & found Vehicle drove well verified issue left tail light upper bulb out, right taillight lower bulb is out. – Scanned computer control modules & found no codes at this time. – Inspected & found both left and right taillights have 2 bulbs each. Each side has one out. Replaced all 4 bulbs verified repairs. -Recommends replacing all 4 bulbs.
  • TECHNICIAN – Test drove vehicle, inspected operation & found vehicle drove well. – Scanned computer control modules & found no codes – Inspected & found sunshade is stuck. The glass sunroof moves back and forth but is binding due to sunshade getting stuck. -Recommends taking vehicle to body shop for further diagnostic and repairs.
  • TECHNICIAN INSPECTED AND FOUND: – LOF sticker shows next oil service due at 193,182 miles. – Engine oil level full and clean – Front brake pads at approximately 45 -50 % – Rear brake pads at approximately 60- 65 %
  • Replaced all 4 tail light bulbs. Verified repairs.
  • Removed front timing cover , upper engine covers, engine stabilizer brace, air filter housing, upper engine mount and cam sensors. Gained access to back of cam shafts. Installed special tools to lock cams and crank shaft in place. Removed timing belt, tensioner and idler pulleys. removed water pump and crank shaft gear to access to front crank seal. Removed intake and exhaust, cam gear(vvt actuator) assemblies. Removed and replaced cam seals and crank shaft seal. Installed new water pump, idler and tensioner pulleys. Set camshaft timing and installed new timing belt. (*Note on tear down , once cam lock tool was installed, Found cam timing marks off by one tooth, retarded and crank shaft line up mark one tooth retarded.) Filled cooling system with coolant. Ran engine and pressure tested cooling system. Verified no leaks. Road tested and verified vvt operation. Verified repairs.
  • Disconnected battery, removed inlet air tube to throttle body on intercooler. Removed throttle body and fuel rail to gain access to intake manifold. Removed Intake manifold to gain access to breather box and hoses. Replaced breather box all hoes, seal and intake manifold gasket. Verified all orifices are clear. Resembled and road tested vehicle. Verified proper pvc system operation. […]
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