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2021 Subaru Forester


Subaru Forester

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  • TECHNICIAN INSPECTED ALL VISIBLE COMPONENTS OF: Engine, Cooling System, Drive Train, Transmission, Brakes, Body, Suspension, Air Conditioning, Electrical and Exhaust System. Scanned computer for Fault Codes and Diagnostic Codes. Tested Cruise Control Function. Performed AC Test. Performed Battery Starting and Charging Test. Transmission – Test drove and verified correct shift points. Visibly inspected transmission fluid condition. Engine – Test drove and listened for noises and tested power. Visibly inspected engine oil condition. Timing belt – (when applicable) visibly inspected when possible and checked for date of last timing belt change. TECHNICIAN – Test drove vehicle, inspected operation & found vehicle drove well. No concerns found. No abnormal noises. Transmission and engine functioned as designed. – Scanned computer control modules & found no current codes. – LOF sticker shows next oil service due at 24,316 miles. Due to upcoming travel plans customer has requested an oil service be performed today. – Engine oil level & condition, found full and clean. – Front brake pads at approximately 60%. – Rear brake pads at approximately 60%. – Technician attempted to inspect spark plug for tune up needs, found park plugs are not easily accessible on this vehicle. Per Mitchell 1 systems maintenance recommendations, manufacturer recommends replacing spark plugs every 60,000 miles and does not appear due at this time based on the current vehicle mileage. – Performed charging system test and found, battery passes the load test. No recommendations at this time. – Tires are at approximately 30% life left on them, with a date stamp of 4420 indicating they were manufactured the 44th week of the year 2020. – Fluids inspected and found to be in good condition and at proper levels. – All other visible components of the engine and drive train were inspected and found to be in good condition with no current concerns. Technician topped off all accessible engine fluids.
  • Technician performed oil service: drained engine oil, replaced filter and filled with synthetic engine oil. Inspected all belts, hoses, brakes and tire tread. Adjusted tire pressures. Road tested. Verified service. No leaks.
Diane T. gave our service a 5 star review on 5/3/2022
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