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2019 Ford F-150

  • 2019 Ford F-150

    Ford F-150
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • TECHNICIAN – Test drove vehicle, inspected operation & found; Vehicle drove well. Shifted well, drove straight. No vibrations with braking found. No dash lights.
    • Technician Inspected and found; – AIR CLEANER ELEMENT – REPLACE: Inspected and found dirty / L3. Recommend replacing engine air filter. – CABIN AIR FILTER – REPLACE: Inspected and found it appears fairly new. No recommendation to replace it at this time.
    • TECHNICIAN INSPECTED AND FOUND: – LOF sticker shows next oil service is/was due at 59,199 miles. – Engine oil level & condition; Full. Good. – Front brake pads at approximately; 8mm. – Rear brake pads at approximately; 3mm, 20% = Below minimum spec. Rear rotors dished and have lip / L3. Recommend replacing rear brake pads and rotors. ***SAFETY CONCERN*** – Scanned computer control module and found; No codes. – Spark plugs show due for replacement at 100K. Inspected and found light wear on spark plug / L1 = Not due.
    • Technician gained access to air filter. Removed and replaced filter. Reassembled components and road tested vehicle. Verified repair.
    • Technician put brake calipers into service mode via scan tool. Removed rear wheels, unbolted calipers, cleaned, lubricated, and re installed caliper pins. Removed and replaced rear brake pads and rotors. Adjusted parking brake shoes. Reassembled all components. Re installed all wheels, torqued all lug nuts. Road tested. Verified repair.
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