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2018 Ford Escape

  • 2018 Ford Escape

    Ford Escape
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    • TECHNICIAN: – Test drove vehicle, inspected transmission operation & found; Torque converter going in and out of lockup which causes it to speed up and slow down on its own. Flare with slight bang form 2nd to 3rd. Rpms going up and down. No abnormal noises heard during test drive with acceleration. – Scanned computer control modules & found code; **P2701-00 for transmission friction element "B" apply time range performance – Inspected transmission fluid level & condition, found; Dark black with burnt smell / L4. – Inspected exterior of transmission for leaks & damage, found; No external leaks or damage found. – Put vehicle in air on lift with helper ran vehicle in air. Heard a rattling type noises coming from the left side of the transmission / L2. – Inspected and found; Torque converter going in and out of lock up when it should not which indicates lack of proper fluid/pressure. Transmission code indicates internal failure as element B is referring to an internal transmission clutch. Apply time noted in code indicates clutch is not applying properly likely due to improper fluid pressure. Transmission fluid burnt indicates severe internal transmission failure. – Determined / Suspects; Internal transmission failure, suspect direct drum and/or torque converter. – Recommends; Replacing transmission assembly. Will need to retest for noise after transmission replacement, suspect noise is happening due to transmission failure. *** Possible Safety Concern – Do not recommend driving until repairs have been made***
    • TECHNICIAN INSPECTED AND FOUND: – LOF sticker shows next oil service is/was due at 55,102 miles. – Engine oil level & condition; Full. Light Brown / L1 = Not due. – Front brake pads at approximately; 6mm. – Rear brake pads at approximately; 6mm. – Scanned computer control module and found; See diagnostic details. – Coolant level slightly low, approximately 1 cup. No leaks found. Recommend topping off coolant. (Note; Transmission replacement will require adjusting coolant level so this should be fixed with transmission replacement.)
    Isabel B. gave our service a 5 star review on 2/11/2024


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