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2006 Nissan Titan

  • 2006 Nissan Titan

    Nissan Titan
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • TECHNICIAN – Test drove vehicle, inspected operation & found Vehicle drove well, no warning lights on. Did feel vibration, starts in back and there is pulsing in the steering wheel. – Scanned computer control modules & found No codes – Inspected & found both the front and the rear brake rotors have hot spots on them indicating warping. – Determined front and rear brakes will need to be be replaced to resolve issue /L3-/L4. -Recommends replacing front pads and rotors as well as rear pads and rotors.
    • TECHNICIAN – Test drove vehicle, inspected operation & found vehicle drove well. – Scanned computer control modules & found no codes.
    • 90 K RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PREMIUM SERVICE ARE BELOW. TECHNICIAN INSPECTED AND FOUND: *AXLE & SUSPENSION PARTS – INSPECT *BALL JOINTS – INSPECT – Front Suspension *BRAKE DISCS/ROTORS AND PADS – INSPECT – Found front and rear brake pads and rotors due for replacement. *BRAKE LINES & CABLES – INSPECT *BRAKE LININGS – INSPECT *CRUISE CONTROL VACUUM HOSES – INSPECT *DRIVESHAFT/PROPELLER SHAFT – INSPECT *DRIVESHAFT/PROPELLER SHAFT DUST BOOTS – INSPECT *EXHAUST SYSTEM – INSPECT *FUEL HOSES – INSPECT *FUEL LINE CONNECTIONS – INSPECT *FUEL TANK VAPOR LINES – INSPECT *HEADLIGHTS – INSPECT – [Adjust if necessary.] *LIGHTS & CONTROLS – INSPECT *STEERING GEAR/RACK – INSPECT *STEERING LINKAGE – INSPECT – Ball Joints ***AIR CLEANER/ELEMENT – REPLACE – Due by miles, slightly dirty. Recommend replacing air filter. ***AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID – REPLACE – Fluid is slightly dirty / L2, due by miles, last transmission service on record with us was performed at 60,000 miles. Recommend performing transmission service. ***CABIN AIR FILTER – REPLACE – Due by miles, full of debris / L3. Recommend replacing the cabin air filter. ***COOLANT – REPLACE – Coolant passes moisture test and temperature test, good to -20 degrees. No recommendation to replace at this time. ***DIFFERENTIAL FLUID – REPLACE – Fluid in good condition, no recommendation for replacement at this time. ***DRIVE BELTS – REPLACE – Serpentine belt appears to be original. Recommend replacing serpentine belt. ***ENGINE OIL AND OIL FILTER- REPLACE – Due for service, oil dark / L2. Recommend performing oil service. ***RADIATOR CAP – REPLACE – Due by miles. Recommend replacing. ***WIPER BLADES – REPLACE – Technician inspected and found wipers appeared to be in good condition, cleared windshield without any streaking. ***TRANSFER CASE FLUID – REPLACE – Found transfer case fluid very dark / L4. Recommend performing transfer case service. *****DOOR HINGES & LOCKS – LUBRICATE – Technician lubricated as outlined. *****TIRES – ROTATE – Inspected and found the best tires on rear of vehicle. No recommendation for rotating tires at this time.
    • TECHNICIAN INSPECTED AND FOUND: – No sticker found indicating next oil service interval. – Engine oil level Full due for service. – Front brake pads at approximately 60- 70 % – Rear brake pads at approximately 40% – Due to vehicle mileage check for tuneup / spark plug needs Spark plugs appear fairly new no tune up needs at this time. – Right rear axle seal is showing signs of leaking /L1. Fluid level is good. Recommends replacing right rear axle seal. – Battery has a date code of 2021. No battery recommendations at this time.
    • Technician removed front wheels, unbolted calipers, cleaned, lubricated, and reinstalled caliper pins. Removed and replaced front brake pads and rotors. Reinstalled all wheels, torqued all lug nuts. Road tested. Verified repair.
    • Technician removed rear wheels and calipers to gain access to rear brakes. Replaced pads and rotors. Cleaned contact surfaces, lubed sliding/caliper pins. Adjusted parking brake shoes. Reassembled all components. Reinstalled all wheels, torqued all lug nuts. Road tested. Verified repair.
    • Technician performed oil service: drained engine oil, replaced filter and filled with premium engine oil. Inspected all belts, hoses, brakes and tire tread. A
    Erin & Steve C. gave our service a 5 star review on 2/5/2022


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