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2006 Nissan Frontier

  • 2006 Nissan Frontier

    Nissan Frontier
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    • TECHNICIAN: – Test drove vehicle, inspected transmission operation & found transmission shifting well. – Scanned computer control modules & found No codes – Inspected transmission fluid level & condition, found fluid is dark red in color /L3. No smell But due for service. – Inspected exterior of transmission for leaks & damage, found, No leaks or damage. – Inspected and found there are no codes. Torque converter seems to be holding lock up. Found transmission has external cooler that runs through radiator allowing transmission to maintain temperature. – Suspect that transmission is shifting well no concerns. – Recommends servicing transmission.
    • TECHNICIAN INSPECTED AND FOUND: – LOF sticker shows next oil service due at 103,661 miles. – Engine oil level & condition – Front brake pads at approximately 60% – Rear brake pads at approximately 70% – Scanned computer control module and found; No codes. – Due to vehicle mileage checked for tuneup / spark plug needs Spark plugs appear fine. No tune up needs at this time. – Transfer case fluid is dark red in color /L3. Recommends transfer case service.
    • Technician performed transmission service and inspection: – Drained transmission fluid. – Inspected transmission fluid condition, found transmission fluid was a dark red / L3+. (This is a drain and fill service – no filter or pan to remove during the service on this vehicle.) – Filled with synthetic transmission fluid. Inspected for leaks. Road tested vehicle. Verified service. – Recommends performing the next transmission service in 30,000 miles. – Recommend returning to shop for further diagnostic if any transmission issues present.
    • Technician drained transfer case fluid and refilled transfer case fluid. Test drove. Verified repair.
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