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2004 Toyota Highlander

  • 2004 Toyota Highlander

    Toyota Highlander
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    • TECHNICIAN – Test drove vehicle, inspected operation & found; vehicle drove well, felt a scarping/vibration at times in steering wheel, found it happened in both directions, issue did not change with vehicle speeds. – Scanned computer control modules & found; no related codes. – Inspected & found. Verified scraping feeling is felt in the steering wheel, when happening placed hand on steering column cover, could feel the scarping in the plastic column covers. Checked lower section of column down by gas pedal with stethoscope. Checked a long column with stethoscope. Verified noise happens from the middle section to the top of the column areas. Verified power steering fluid full, no leaks present in power steering system. – Determined there is an internal issue with components inside of the steering column, most likely from the bushings at the top and the middle being worn out and causing the noise, bushings are part of the steering column. The intermediate shaft generally wears out equally with the steering column and should be replaced at the same time as the steering column. The clock spring and plastic components for the air bag generally break during removal for repairs on a vehicle of this age because of brittle plastic and would also need to be replaced during this repair. – Recommends starting with replacing the steering column, intermediate shaft and the clock spring for the air bag. Will need to inspect once components are apart and confirm if there are any other components compromised or related to this issue. Retest after repairs to confirm there are no other related issues. ****Attempted to source parts for theses repairs and found their are no steering columns available with our sources at this time. Dealer stated unknown back order and possible out of production. We are unable to offer a repair for this at this time due to lack of warranty-able parts.***
    • TECHNICIAN INSPECTED AND FOUND: – LOF sticker shows next oil service due at 254,762 miles. – Engine oil level & condition; full and clean. – Engine area is covered in residual oil from what appears to be a valve cover gasket leak that has since been repaired but residual oil remains. – Front brake pads at approximately; 75%. – Rear brake pads at approximately; 30%, rotors worn with hotspots / L3. Recommend replacing rear brake pads and rotors. – Check engine light on. VSC light on. TPMS light on. Scanned computer control module and found multiple codes; ***B2799 for immobilizer fault. This code is related to when the vehicle was trying to be stared with the non chipped key. Cleared code and code did not return. ***P0420 for cat converter bank 1. Cleared code and code returned. This is an exhaust related code. Recommend taking vehicle to an exhausts shop for diagnostic and repairs. VSC/ABS MODULE codes; ***1-C1223 for fault in ABS control system ***1-C1246 for fault in master cylinder pressure sensor. Did not attempt to clear these codes as they have not been fault traced. Recommend more diagnostic time to determine repairs necessary related to these codes – would need to schedule separate diagnostic appointment related to these issues. These codes pertain to the ABS system and there could be a safety concern related to theses codes as it may not operate as designed.*** POSSIBLE SAFETY CONCERN*** TPMS LIGHT Inspected and found the left rear tire was at 15 PSI, spec is 35 PSI. Technician filled tire to spec. Found they could not clear code after driving, note code may clear after a period of time. Recommend taking vehicle to a tire shop to inspect for leak or other cause of lost air. ***POSSIBLE SAFETY CONCERN*** – Due to vehicle mileage checked for tuneup / spark plug needs; found spark plugs appear fairly new. No tuneup recommendations at this time. – Due to vehicle mileage check for timing belt needs; no sticker indicating timing belt replacement, found belt is not visible for inspection. Timing belt is recommended t
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